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Advantages of medical repatriation on a commercial flight

Advantages of medical repatriation on a commercial flight

Economical – Commercial flight is much more cost effective than an air ambulance for repatriation or medical evacuation

Opting for medical repatriation on a commercial flight with Air Stretcher can be much more cost effective than using a private air ambulance for medical transport. We partner with commercial airlines that offer more affordable rates, while providing a similar or even higher level of comfort and convenience. By spreading the costs among all the passengers on the flight, the airlines are able to offer competitive prices. In addition, airlines have superior capacity in terms of transportation and their aircraft are compliant with safety standards. In contrast, private air ambulance services have many expenses such as aircraft rental fees, maintenance costs, fuel costs, insurance premiums, and medical staff salaries for each mission. As a result, the prices offered by specialized air ambulances are generally higher than regular flights.

Safety, reliability and comfort -Stretcher patients on commercial flights benefit from equipment specifically designed for their safety and comfort ambulance for repatriation or medical evacuation

Air Stretcher uses modern and innovative equipment to ensure the medical repatriation of the patient while taking into account the safety of all passengers. Our team of highly qualified and experienced medical professionals ensures quality care and guarantees the patient’s safety until arrival at his or her final destination. Depending on the patient’s specific medical requirements, Air Stretcher’s team provides a doctor, nurse, paramedic or paramedic for each mission. We thus offer medical services of the same quality as those of a private air ambulance. Air Stretcher also provides specialized assistance for ground transportation, from the airport pick-up to the final destination, to ensure the patient’s safety and comfort throughout the transfer process.

International coverage – Commercial flights can serve destinations around the world

Air Stretcher offers medical repatriation services to many international destinations through commercial flights operated by various international airlines, including Air France. Our team is specialized in managing international transfers from one country to another for medical reasons. In order to ensure the health of patients, Air Stretcher offers medical repatriation of the patient through many locations around the world in an efficient and simple manner. Urgent medical evacuations are performed internationally, with destinations such as French Caribbean territories, Europe, UK, America and Canada.

Peace of mind – Patients travel in familiar surroundings with their caregivers

Providing patients with the opportunity to travel in a familiar and comfortable environment is a primary concern for Air Stretcher. To ensure their well-being and health, patients enjoy the comfort of a commercial airliner when traveling on a short or long distance flight. Patients can be accompanied by their families if they have been previously checked in on the same flight. Throughout their medical repatriation, Air Stretcher’s team of caregivers accompany them and have all the necessary information to ensure personalized support. They have real expertise in providing patient care and ensuring their safety.

Flexibility and ease – Repatriation on a commercial flight offers ease of travel compared to air ambulance options

When patients need to be repatriated, a repatriation on a commercial flight allows for efficiency. The ease as well as speed of taking a scheduled commercial flight for them than taking a special private air ambulance. Due to several factors, the repatriation of a bed-to-bed patient on a commercial flight requires less organizational requirements than that performed by private air ambulance. We work in partnership with airlines that have established standardized and tested procedures to deal with these situations. They have also trained their cabin crew to handle minor medical issues on these bed-to-bed stretcher repatriation flights. Commercial air flights have regular, pre-determined routes that facilitate the entire organization process. This allows doctors and nurses to plan and coordinate during the medical transport. Compared to private air ambulances, commercial flights offer greater flexibility in terms of pick-up and departure times, which is a significant advantage.

If you are looking for a safe and comfortable medical repatriation that meets the highest standards of care, Air Stretcher is your trusted partner for your commercial flight repatriation. Air Stretcher represents an international business, coordinating all aspects of transportation, including ground transportation, caregiver accompaniment, safety throughout the process and flight organization.

Our company selects the type of stretcher assistance based on the patient’s specific pathologies and medical needs, in consultation with our team of caregivers. We offer a range of repatriation solutions tailored to each patient’s needs, internationally.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can benefit from our expertise and experience in medical repatriation. We’re here to help ensure that you receive the care and attention you need, no matter where you are in the world.

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